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Sigma Data Station (SDS)

  • Protocol conversion. 
  • Ethernet gateway. 
  • IT-ready data logging.

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Handles data like SCADA but for thousands less.


Automation - Control - Management - Remote Management -Monitoring- Logging- Prevention

Sigma Data Station Plus; USB, RS232/422/485; Ethernet; 24V; 2Mb Flash; 2Mb SDRAM


The Sigma Data Station Plus was designed to act as a nexus for industrial data collection and management. The unit offers multiple protocol conversion, data logging and remote machine access. With three built in serial ports and a 10 Base-T/100 Base-TX Ethernet port, the unit performs protocol conversion, allowing disparate devices to communicate seamlessly with one another. The Ethernet port supports up to four protocols simultaneously so even Ethernet to Ethernet protocols can be converted. The CompactFlash® card allows data to be collected and stored for later review. The files are stored in simple CSV file format allowing common applications, such as Microsoft Excel® and Microsoft Access®, to view and manage the data. The free Websync utility provides a means to synchronize the files with a PC's hard drive for permanent storage. The CompactFlash® card may also be used to load new configuration files into the Data Station.


The built-in web server allows log files to be retrieved manually, and also provides access to the unique "Virtual HMI". The

virtual HMI is programmed just like G303 (3" mono) or G306 (6" color) HMI touchscreens. Any standard web browser such as internet Explorer® or Netscape® may be used to monitor or control the HMI from a PC anywhere in the world.


The USB port may be used for blazing fast file downloads, or to mount the Sigma Data Station's CompactFlash® card as an

external drive to your PC. The Sigma Data Station's DIN rail mounting saves time and panel space and snaps easily onto standard top hat (T) profile DIN rail.


The Sigma Data Station is programmed with Crimson 2.0 software for Windows® 2000 or later platforms. The software is an easy to use graphical interface which can be purchased as part of a kit that includes a manual and cables.


view & control from anywhere in the world
view & control from anywhere in the world