Permanent instruments assist in monitoring compressed air consumption and quality, minimize losses and wastage whilst at the same time maintain sufficiency and the quality needed within your plant.

Pharmaceutical regulatory compressed air quality assurance and validation? We have a variety of instruments and systems to help you.


Sigma Compressed Air Monitoring System

With the Sigma Compressed Air Monitoring System - a stand alone, autonomous and user friendy system - you can have the following benefits:


  • Continuous monitoring and measurement of air consumption, air flow, compressed air dew point, and air pressure (other parameters also possible) for instant diagnostics of problems & trends.
  • On line compressed air demand analysis
  • Easily integrated in to your existing installation and open with total flexibility to expand if necessary.
  • Direct point or remote monitoring at the office with optional touch screen or PC display.
  • Monitoring System can have up to 256 stations.
  • Savings on electrical energy consumption.
  • Increased service life of your equipment through continuous monitoring of compressed air dewpoint, flow rates and consumption as well as condition maintenanance.


We help to improve your Compressed Air System Performance.

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