medical compressed air - CO & CO2 monitoring

Due to the large volume of air that most hospitals consume, on-site production is normally the most practical and cost effective method of supply. This is accomplished by compressing ambient air with medical air compressors which have to be strictly maintained and ensure that the risk of contamination is minimised as much as possible.

Medical grade compressed air is used for a variety of applications, ie respiratory systems or processes, ventilation, substitute for nitrous oxide in anaesthesia, instruments, and pneumatically powered surgical tools. These compressed air systems normally have filters or special scrubbers to remove carbon monoxide and other pollutants, but this is not enough, as the system has to be tested and verified (or certified) on a regular basis.


Sigma 600 Air Purity Analyzer


One of the tools that Sigma Sensing provides is the all-in-one portable Series 600 portable air purity analyser that  measures dew point, oil vapour, particle concentration and pressure with one unit.

Easy to use colour touchscreen interface with guided measurement Data logger, PDF report generator and USB output port
Integral rugged transport case for easy mobility.
External ports for quick connection and reduced set up time.
Optional purpose designed Isokinetic sampler with flow measurement for ISO 8573 compliant particle measurement.

• 0.1... 0.5 µm, 0.5... 1.0 µm, 1.0... 5.0µm
Measurement methods according to ISO 8573 standards (together with isokinetic sampling device)
• Latest laser detection technology
• Smallest particle size 50% per JIS, bigger sizes 100% per JIS

• Large ranges (-100°... +20°C) thanks to the unique multiple sensor technology
• Long-term stable and well-proven measurement methods
• High precision with an accuracy of ± 2 °C

• Latest photoionisation detector (PID) with self-calibration
• Wide range of oil vapor concentration (0.001... 10.000 mg/m³)
• High precision with 5% of reading ± 0.003 mg/m³ accuracy

• State of the art sensor technology
• Additional quality data about the compressed air system

• Integrated data logger records all channels in parallel for later analysis and PDF reports creation
• 5’’ touchscreen interface and software guidance  to easily run pre-set measurement routines

• Isokinetic sampling device
• Bacterial collector


A "must"  compressed air quality continuous monitoring system for facilities that need clean air without contaminants, at all times, and regulatory compliance validation with ISO 8573:2010 Part 2+5, HTM 02/01 , HEDIS, NCQA accreditation 24/7,Level 1 NFPA Medical Compressed Air Systems, GMP-Facility and Manufacturing Excellence.





The CAGP60-2D Compressed Air CO & CO2 Monitor






a portable or fixed installation unit of the CAGP60-2D series that can monitor the correct levels of CO and CO2 in the system. The unit includes an infrared sensor for CO2 and an electrochemical sensor for CO. The sensors monitor the air in ambient pressure as the compressed air pressure is reduced to ambient pressure for air sampling in a low pressure measurement chamber.

The standard set includes the main instrument, a flexible 1m teflon pipe with quick coupler, and a soft carrying case.


with new generation, cutting edge 32 bit digital signal processing technology for CO2 and solid reliability, LCD ppm CO2 indication, provides a very stable, output requiring less frequent calibration, with typical long sensor life expectancy.

Gases monitored: CO & CO2
Gas sampling method: Diffusion or sample draw


System max pressure: 16 bar (specify pressure on order)


Dual displays (one for each gas) with individual relay outputs. Field Upgradeable Option Cards for 4-20mA outputs, RS232, RS485, DeviceNet, Profibus
Keypads: 2 programmable function keys, 4 keys total
Displays: Red, Sunlight Readable 5 Digit, 0.56" (14 mm) LED 
Operating temperature: 0…..+50C (32…..+122F)
Operating humidity: 0-90% RH non-condensing
Power supply: 85 to 250 VAC


Alarm beacon: optional

CO2 sensor
Measuring range: 0~2000 ppm CO2
Operating principle: NDIR
Repeatability: better than 0.1%
Response time: Less than 1 minute

CO sensor
measuring range: 0-50 ppm
operating principle: electrochemical sensor
resolution: 1ppm