Multifunction 551

Compressed Air Multi-Function Instrument

Professional Portable set Sigma 551 multiple sensor analyzer with data logger. The all-rounder for compressed air plants

The ideal compressed air portable multiple sensor analyzer for energy analysis (ISO 50001) and air audits (ISO 11011) with 4 digital input channels or 4 digital input channels and 2 analogue.

User Friendly
Just connect the sensors and start measuring / recording. No configuration and programming is required.

• Connectable sensors for all required measurement tasks (air flow, air consumption, dewpoint, power consumption, pressure, temperature and many more)
• Up to 24 inputs through extension boxes and Modbus
• Several loggers can be combined: no need to have long cables from the sensor to the logger
• Third party sensors can be easily connected
• Up to 100 million records in SD card

Touch Screen Operation
High resolution 5“ colour touch screen


• Compressed air system monitoring
• Building monitoring
• Compressor analysis and optimization
• Monitoring of process gas consumptions
• Energy consumption monitoring (ISO 50001)
• Provide timely and thoughtful facility
maintenance service for your customers
• EPC (Energy Performance Contracting) projects
for energy saving in compressed air systems
interface making the operation as simple as possible.