Medical Air

Hospitals need to meet compressed medical air quality requirements

It is not a secret that medical compressed air is not always safe. As medical compressed air is produced directly on the site, very often the ambient air taken in by the compressor might be contaminated with high levels of CO2, CO, oil & particulate matter.
Another problem often present in a medical compressed air line is high level humidity, when for various reasons the dryer & filters are inadequate or fail.
In Europe, since 2001, the medical compressed air is subject to European Pharmacopeia regulations which give 67ppm (Atm. TP -46°C) as the H2O (dew point) limit, 500ppm for CO2, and 5ppm for CO.   
In addition to the subject of air quality, it is important to also mention the problem with ever present leakages, which might be an expensive problem in some facilities
Sigma Sensing is offering portable and stationary instruments to monitor many of the requirements with more coming up in the near future. 
Medical gases should contain less than 67 ppm water

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