Gases Measuring & Monitoring

Monitor Natural Gas Flow from the Main into the Plant Monitoring instant natural gas mass flow rate coming into the plant is important  because it provides critical information about the plant’s natural gas demand. The Plant Manager, Maintenance Manager, or Energy Engineer, all benefit from the readily available information that comes from a gas line, of an independent mass thermal flow meter.

Monitor plant Nitrogen and Argon Metering :
Monitor flow rate and consumption of N2, Ar and other specialty gases in the plant's gas distribution system. Monitor department usage, and analyze costs.

Wastewater Treatment: Digester Gas
Monitor the flow of CH4/CO2 mix in the digesters to facilitate the sewage treatment.

Water Purification: Oxygen Monitoring
Monitor O2 flow rate in ozone generator purification municipal water supply systems.

Pharmaceutical: Monitor Atomizing Gas
Monitor the atomizing air or nitrogen flow rate in the pharmaceutical pill coating process.

Nitrogen Blanketing:

Tank Blanketing

Surface Blanketing

Measure the nitrogen flow layering over the contents of the tank to "insulate" the product.Product (i.e. pills) movement, along a layer of nitrogen on a conveyer.

Fuel Cells :

Hydrogen generated in the fuel cell process flow monitoring.

Leakage Testing Hydrogen Cooled Turbines :

Measure air flow rate that is analyzed for hydrogen presence.

Plastic Production :

Monitor Ar & N2 flow rate involved in certain plastics production.

Steel Fabrication:

Argon and Nitrogen Flow Rate Monitor and control: for bottom stirring and purification.

Coke/Oven gas : Monitor the refined end of the coke oven gas process.

Plastics Molding :

Nitrogen flow rate controls the forming of plastic shapes such as gas tanks.

Aluminum Smelters:

Monitors Argon in the smelting process.

Food Process :

Hydrogen Flow

Nitrogen Flow

Hydrogen flow rate involved in producing vegetable oil.

Nitrogen flow measurement for food preservation.

Nitrogen Purge:

Nitrogen Flow Rate

Numerous processes require a purging of the process to clear out residual gases and contamination. Monitoring nitrogen controls this process.

Leak Detection: Low Air Flow Rate
Measuring small amounts of air flow detects product flaws in many industries, including filter manufacturing.